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Client: Volkswagen Group Polska Skoda (VGP)

Industry: Automobile

Category: Packaging

Scope: concept, graphic design, print, fulfilment

Date: 2014

Packaging for personalized marketing materials shown in elegant black and a premium hot stamped packaging font. The whole covered in matt foil that protects the packaging from dirt and destruction. Functional design of the inside includes a CD sleeve, an elegant flyer and personalized letter. The box has a magnetic closing. To maintain the mail’s uniqueness and prestige, the whole was sent in transparent foil.

(Polski) EDC PURLON directmai personalizacja futro 1A


PURLON – A Service Tailored for Tomorrow

Client: EDC Expert – own campaign

Industry: Marketing

Category: PURLON

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, production, distribution

Date: 2014

A creative furry direct mail with a die-cut circle intrigued and urged to visit the personalized web page www.purlon.pl/john.doe. The standard paper envelope was replaced by a PP cover revealing the address data. Interesting and nonconforming idea for this multi-channel campaign turned into a huge success, exceeding expectations.


(Polski) EDC PKP CARGO kampania marketingowa directmail 6B

PKP Cargo


Client: PKP CARGO S.A.

Industry: Logistics


Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, production, distribution, personalized web page, video, reporting

Date: 2015

PKP Cargo logo change visualised in an interesting direct mail tool – the blinds card. This product emphasises change and includes two different graphic motives in one product. Style and colours of communication in accordance with client’s KV. Communication reinforced with personalized web page and video.


PKPCargo_reklama A4_szkic06szary_w


(Polski) EDC PK opakowanie uszlachetnienie 2A

Pekao SA


Client: Bank Pekao S.A.

Industry: Banking and Finance

Category: Packaging

Scope: concept, graphic design, print, fulfilment

Date: 2014

A pretigious packaging for credit cards for the bank’s premium client group. Box parts were custom designed. A solid wooden packaging has an exclusive touch. Shiny black surfaces add flashy elegance. Credit cards are presented well on a red velvet surface. A paper sleeve and a colour paper banderole finish off the mail in a minimalistic way.


Euler Hermes


Client: Euler Hermes Collection Sp. z o.o.

Industry: Finance and Insurance

Category: PINPOINT

Scope: concept, graphic design, logotype and certificate design, print, distribution, set-up of a personalized web page, video production and personalization.

Data: 2015

Goal of this campaign was to honour companies with a high payment morality index and introduce the Golden Payer 2014 Certificate on the market. The campaign was divided into three stages: a) direct mail inviting the client to visit b) a personalized pURL web page with c) a personalized video. Direct mail is an elegant etui with a die-cut Golden Payer logo. To emphasize identifying elements of the campaign selected elements were covered with a gloss UV lack.


(Polski) EDC E directmail żaluzja 6B



Client: EFL European Leasing Fund S.A.

Industry: Finance – Leasing

Category: Direct Mail

Scope: concept, mail design, copy, personalization, print, distribution

Date: 2016

Two different graphic concepts could be applied in this direct mail using the blinds card. Designed in a non-standard size and a vertical form, it reinforced interest in the product, and a non-standard envelope covered with gloss foil added a touch of elegance.


(Polski) EDC D mailing lojalnościowy 1A

DKMS Foundation

Fundraising Mailing

Client: DKMS

Industry: Fundraising

Category: Direct mail

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, production, distribution, design and personalization of gadget

Date: 2015

Communication in the form of an interesting poster in a non-standard size, summing up the year 2015, directed at contributors. This direct mail was folded to an A5 size and complemented with a useful personalized gadget – an ICE card. Skilfully formatted text makes the reading easy and pleasant.


(Polski) EDC marketing bezpośredni directmail motyl 3A


Butterfly Direct Mail

Client: EDC Expert – own campaign

Industry: Marketing

Category: Directmail

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, print, distribution

Date: 2014

Interactive direct mail: the moment the card is opened, a colourful butterfly flies out of it. This positively surprising mail was sent to a group of bloggers to promote the direct mail tool on its own and the web page directmail.pl.

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