(Polski) EDC_Av kampania zintegrowana personalizacja kolorowa 2B


Manager and Owner Conference

Client: Avallon Sp. z o.o.

Industry: Finance – Investment Fund

Category: PURLON Campaign

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, print, distribution, personalized and non-personalized web site design, reporting.

Date: 2016

A magical card and a cover in C5 size enriched with spot UV lack and soft touch foil. Magical card’s changing image emphasises the surprise effect. For this campaign an image of scattered letters was used, which after pulling out form an invitation message about a personalized web page dedicated to the conference.


(Polski) EDC PLUS direct marketing personalizowana www 6A



Client: Polkomtel Sp. z o.o.


Category:PINPOINT Campaign

Scope: graphic design, concept, personalization, print, distribution, personalized web page, personalized video

Date: 2015

Brand colour envelope, DL size letter and a scratch-off with a personalized web address engaged the receiver into a game of scratching off the password to a personalized web site. A complex deals offer was shown in a personalized animated video and a web page which proved an excellent communication tool.


(Polski) EDC N crossmedia directmail 4A



Client: EDC Expert – own campaign

Industry: Marketing and Advertisement

Category: Pinpoint

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, print, distribution, purl, personalized video

Date: 2014

Three direct marketing elements were applied in this campaign: direct mail, purl, personalized video. Premium coloured paper envelope drew the client’s attention. An additional colour play on the foil was fun and invited to the PURL web page. An interesting landing page with a personalized video resulted in a 50% response rate.

(Polski) EDC MA selfmailer personalizacja kolorowa direct marketing 1A


1to1 Holiday Campaign

Client: Macro

Industry: Wholesale – Market Chain

Category: Direct Mail

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, print, distribution

Date: 2014

A selfmailer with rebate coupons sent to clients during the pre-holiday season. Synergy of cover with letter and perforated coupons with personalized amount of rebate. Convenient form, cost attractive, ideal for distribution of coupons, rebates and vouchers.

Massage impact augmented with personalization of text and graphics –personalized icing on gingerbread.



(Polski) EDC EF marketing bezpośredni etui personalizacja 5A


New Year’s Mailing

Client: EFL European Leasing Fund S.A.

Industry: Finance – Leasing

Category: Direct Mail

Scope: graphic design, blue print, personalization, print, distribution, choice and personalization of gadget

Date: 2016

New Year’s greetings sent in an elegant case with a personalized gadget. What better way to form a long lasting relation? An elegant pen, personalized with the client’s name and surname, was included in the case with the letter. Everything thought out in accordance with EFL’s graphic identity.


(Polski) EDC Edenred directmail 1A


Holiday Decoration

Client: Edenred

Industry: Finance – Prepayment Solutions

Category: Direct Mail

Scopeconcept, graphic design, personalization, production, distribution

Data: 2015

An idea for a holiday card with a star as a tree ornament. The star is visually exceptionally interesting, covered with UV and glitter varnish, and can be pressed out and hung on a green tree. The combination of a greeting card with a gadget proved to be a practical and unusual solution for Christmas.


(Polski) EDC BGŻ directmail personalizacja 4B

BGŻ BNP Paribas


Klient: BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A.

Industry: Banking and Finance

Category: Directmail

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, print, distribution, choice of holiday gadget

Date: 2015

An exceptional idea for a client gift. Direct mail with an individual message and a handmade gadget. The colour and size of the envelope stood out from other mail. The letter and the gadget packaging were tailored to the gadget’s shape and the seasonal circumstances in which it was sent. This Xmas tree shaped direct mail, enhanced with soft touch foil and interesting dies cut key visual bank elements, was sent with a gift – a glass Xmas tree with the client’s first name.

(Polski) EDC kampania marketingowa folder żaluzja hologram

Bejda Medical

Retouch from the future

Client: Bejda Medical

Industry: Medical – Cosmetic Surgery

Category: Direct Mail

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, production, distribution

Date: 2015

Unique flyer that amazes with its size, form and graphical elements. Graphical elements die-cut in the cover and interlaced with UV lack intrigued the addressees.  Inside this direct mail was a blinds card displaying in a very interesting way the services offered by the client. Message reinforced with an attached access card in an unusual shape and a hologram.


(Polski) EDC_Av directmail 4B


Xmas Tree

Client: Avallon Sp. z o.o.

Industry: Finance – Investment Fund

Category: Direct Mail

Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, print, distribution

Data: 2015

Creative Xmas card with a pop-up tree. A real wow effect when the Xmas tree jumped out of the cover. Since it was intended to be placed on a desk, we protected it with a gloss foil for durability. The gloss foil finish added a premium accent. Entire direct mail in accordance with Avallon’s KV.


(Polski) EDC kampania cross mediowa PURL personalizacja_2B

Aegon OFE


Client: Aegon PTA S.A.
Industry: Insurance
Kategoria: PINPOINT Campaign
Scope: concept, graphic design, personalization, print, distribution, direct mail, personalized web page, personalized video
Date: 2014
Brand colours envelope with a non-standard left window intrigues the receiver. Direct mail campaign protagonist’s image appears at every communication stage creating a coherent whole. A personalized letter with a short, intriguing information invited to a web page where a personalized video enhanced the message and activated clients. Thanks to the combination of several direct marketing tools the campaign’s outcome exceeded expectations.