EDC Expert as an exhibitor at the eCommerce Fair!

The eCommerce Fair is the largest event for online sellers in Central Europe dedicated to businesses interested in e-commerce issues and start-ups.

On 20.10.2021 The Warsaw Expo XXI Center was teeming with life. There were a lot of visitors interested in purchasing solutions, fulfillment, shopping platforms, the use of social media potential for e-commerce and business software. During the event, we had the pleasure of talking with representatives of the e-commerce market not only from Poland but also from other European countries, including Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The event turned out to be very fruitful for EDC!

We had the opportunity to present our comprehensive competences. Staring with our stand, which embodied our creativity and ingenuity and was created in accordance with our business promise – ecologically and zero waste. To clarify, 100% of our stand was assembled using materials and products that we have in our warehouses, Fulfillment and Production Departments. We used every inch of the exhibition space with eco-friendly packaging with an emphasis on the unboxing experience, direct mail and personalization. We drew attention to the idea of using the packaging to build a positive shopping experience as, in a way, it becomes a shop window. We focused on sensory aspects, including sound, aesthetics and design.

At the stand, there were also information materials about the company made especially for this particular event and samples of our work.

Visitors could help themselves to two-packs containing surprise gifts (a protective mask to promote proper pandemic habits and a packet of jelly beans loved by all, regardless the age, to help you relax and feel less distant) and direct mail pop-up box with QR codes directing to our landing pages (LP) dedicated to 4 sectors of e-commerce activity in EDC: Package slots, Unboxing experience, Logistics and Fulfillment, Shopping platform.

Materiały zostały opracowane, zaprojektowane w Agencji Marketingowej EDC i wyprodukowane na recyklingowym, ekologicznym surowcu.

The popularity and interest shown to the stand was not our only achievement. Vice President Bartek Brzozowski made his mark with his successful presentation on the consumer’s shopping experience and closing the shopping cart at the last stage of the sales process.

It was a real cracker that led to an explosion of inquiries!🧨🧨🧨

We wish to thank everyone who took part in the meeting with EDC. Great applause to edc.team for ingenuity, commitment and cooperation in this event.👏👏👏

Here are some photos!

Hala produkcyjna

A way to reduce the cost of handling mass correspondence.

A way to reduce the cost of handling mass correspondence.. elisty.pl service

In the pandemic era, sending mass correspondence can be a real logistic problem. When part of the team is working in a home-office mode and the queues at the post office are endless, you have to look for alternative ways to prepare, print and send letters. Here, the elisty.pl service comes in handy. It allows you to send correspondence directly from any computer equipped with Windows. The elisty.pl service allows you to significantly reduce the costs of handling correspondence, organize work better and shorten the time of delivery. The cost of sending a letter is not only the amount that you have to spend on the purchase of a postage stamp. It is also the expenses incurred for the purchase of envelopes, paper on which correspondence is printed, printer consumables and – which is often forgotten – the labour costs of people who deal with these tasks. Printing, enveloping, addressing, affixing stamps and mailing at the post office is time-consuming, and thus expensive. The total cost of the service in the elisty.pl system is lower than the value of the postage stamp. The offered price is possible thanks to the scale of production achieved by EDC and the optimization of postal charges. What is more, the deferred payment date improves the cash-flow of the organizations that use it.

The implementation of the virtual elisty printer system allows for complete automation of the printing process and sending internal paper documents. The elisty.pl uses the software as a platform for traditional outbound mail in companies. Documents and their components can be prepared in a text editor or spreadsheet of any office programme. In addition to the savings resulting from the reduction of document processing time, you can get a lower cost of printing (mass printing vs. office printer) and most importantly, get savings related to mailing itself.

Deploying elisty.pl app is fast, easy and completely free. We can print all types of letters delivered by the Polish Post:

  • economic
  • priority
  • registered
  • registered letter with a return receipt notice
  • priority registered letter
  • priority registered letter with a return receipt notice

Every day, we prepare letters, financial documents, statements and contracts, effectively combining transactional and marketing elements in order to arouse the interest of recipients of mass mailings. We know the power a simple sheet of paper yields and we manage the space so that it can draw attention to the company’s values and carry the advertising message of our clients at the same time.

Security-certified services

Users of the service do not have to worry about the security of the transmitted data. For years, EDC Expert has been printing and sending documents for the largest banks, insurers and telecommunications operators in Poland, which require strict data security protocols and confidentiality. From the moment the connection between the customer and the service server is established the data transfer is encrypted with a secure protocol, and the whole process meets the rigorous standards of the Information Security Management System confirmed by the ISO 27001 certificate. The whole process takes place at an express pace without the risk of losing valuable information or company know-how.

Distribution of business letters has never been so easy and cheap! Thanks to our constant cooperation with postal operators, we give customers the opportunity to significantly reduce shipping costs and achieve substantial savings per year. Many years of experience in national and international projects means that we know how to effectively optimize the process of preparing, personalizing and distributing letters
See how it works. Register an account on the website www.elisty.pl/oferta Send the first letter for free and then decide.

Personalizowany film

Video Marketing – How Does It Work? Personalized video at EDC Expert

To mark their presence on the market, companies are using film marketing to promote their services and products with increasing frequency. It turns out that video created for marketing purposes has a much better reception scope than other communication channels. Statistics show that the presence of video material increases user activity. Video materials make customers stay on a given page longer. The vast majority of Internet users spend most of their online time watching videos. It has also been proven that personalized videos are able to generate much higher profits than the ones without personalized content.

Personalized video has the power

Personalized communication increases audience engagement and prompts people to react. Content tailored to the needs of consumers, presented in an interesting form, has a positive impact on increasing sales. Film marketing embraces consumer’s interest in short and dynamic productions. Video content accounts for a significant proportion of all web traffic. How to break through all this information noise? By creating personalized videos that tailor the content to the age, gender, interests and expectations of recipients. Such a message allows them to feel special and thus build stronger bonds with them.

An effective modern message

James McQuivey, a digital marketing specialist, estimated that a minute-long video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. This means that a short personalized video will provide the consumer with more data than a traditional written text, which the recipient might not even read since it would take up too much of their time. Video material tailored to the needs of the individual affects the emotions of the consumer, becoming a motive to purchase a product or service. In film marketing, the quality of the message is of great importance. It seems, however, that the proper personalization of the video is even more vital. That is why it is worth commissioning it to professionals.

Film marketing – this is how we do it at EDC Expert

EDC Expert carries out all-rounded film productions. This is where promotional, corporate, brand image and animation films come from. Here, a team of specialists creates a personalized video – one that engages your customer for longer. Video personalization makes this type of message one of the most powerful communication channels. We can call it an effective film marketing when the message coming from the video material is strictly tailored to the needs of the recipients, and thus corresponds to their interests. Consumers expect that the videos they receive will be of high quality. EDC Expert is able to meet these expectations.
Video personalization is no easy feat

The quality of the video says a lot about the company. A properly prepared film ensures higher viewership and makes the content presented in it memorable for longer. Do you know how to play on the emotions of the consumer and appeal to their sense of sight and hearing? You don’t have to. EDC Expert knows all there is to know about film marketing. Creating a personalized video is a real challenge. It is not enough to include the recipient’s name in the message. Personalization is more than that. The film should be a coherent, logical and natural-looking whole – content adapted to the expectations of the recipient must blend in with the visual setting and sound.

Marketing specialists will create the personalized video you need

Are you able to personalize the content of the video yourself? Do you think that the message will be able to evoke certain emotions in the recipient? Can you combine the visual sphere with an interesting soundtrack? Proper synchronization of individual elements of the film, persuasive content, care for the security of recipients’ data – these are some of the challenges that should be faced when going for a personalized video. Make a good impression on the recipients of your message by commissioning its preparation to professionals in the field of film marketing.

See the EDC showreel


Projektowanie graficzne opakowań

Graphic design of packaging in EDC

Graphic design of packaging requires knowledge and experience. Creators are expected to take an unconventional and imaginative approach. The graphic design of the packaging must be well thought out, original and evoke good associations, not to mention, remembered for a long time by those who will come across it. At EDC Expert, we understand the role a perfectly prepared graphics and packaging design play. Thanks to the ingenuity of our creative department, the resulting packaging designs are offbeat and recognizable. We know that a well-thought-out packaging design is able to engage the senses and thus attract the attention of the consumer for a longer time.

Do you need an original graphic design of the packaging?

Packaging is an instrument of active sale. Properly designed, it can become an effective promotional tool. It is often seen as the company’s visiting card. For marketing purposes, not only is the message on the packaging important, but also the type of material used for its production (suited to a given market) and the shape of the packaging itself. Packaging design does not end with the selection of texture, graphics and content. Each carton, box, etc. is a carrier of informational content. It is necessary to take into account what message should reach the consumer and present it in a coherent form. Therefore,  individual elements should be chosen carefully so that when put together they create a unified entity.

Packaging – designing prestigious cases and containers

Packaging intended for premium customers must meet the highest standards. An exclusive, refined finish is essential when the packaging contains personalized advertising materials or is an occasional (e.g. Christmas) gift for demanding customers. While many companies wrongly focus solely on the contents, more informed entrepreneurs outsource packaging designs to professional companies. As a result, they receive neat, elegant products of high quality, professionally protected against possible damage and dirt.

Functional packaging – graphic design is not everything

Although the graphic design of the packaging plays a significant role, its reception is also influenced by other factors. Packaging designs should take into account their intended use. Even the most interesting graphics will be of no use if the packaging is not functional. The issue of production is equally important. It requires the right selection of the highest quality materials with adequate durability. In the production process itself, special attention should be paid to the finishing of the packaging. It is necessary to take into account both its purpose and adjusting the size and weight to its content.

Who has benefited from the graphic design of the packaging so far?

Graphic design of packaging has already been appreciated by many EDC Expert customers. Our services were used, among others, by a bank that sent credit cards in a prestigious case to customers of the premium group. In the automotive industry, packaging designed by EDC Expert was used to ship promotional materials. The graphic design of the packaging proved useful for a company that organized the shipment of Christmas gifts to its customers. EDC Expert knows how to make your product stand out by using unique colours, shapes and forms of packaging that go with their content perfectly and guarantee its appropriate protection.

Packaging design and direct marketing

EDC Expert is a leader in the field of direct marketing. We appreciate the role played by traditional, paper communication and use it to create original packaging designs for promotional items, advertising materials and season gifts. Many recipients hold the same esteem for a well-designed packaging and a good product. Many recipients pay great attention to the packaging, associating it with the quality of the product received. We adapt packaging designs to the nature of the industry, the company’s value, the products it offers and marketing objectives. We also take into account the preferences of recipients. We do everything to arouse their interest, evoke the best associations, be printed in their memory and encourage them to buy a product or service.

Soon a novelty in the EDC offer. Stay tuned for information! We are convinced that the new version of packaging and the technological possibilities that follow will definitely be of interest to your customers – especially those in the e-commerce sector.

Direct mail

Direct mailing – what is a mailing campaign?

Direct mailing is one of the forms of direct advertising. Most often it takes the form of a paper mail piece which is delivered to the mailbox of a potential addressee. That correspondence usually includes a letter in various forms, with a personalised message and an image. Moreover, direct mailing can take various spatial forms and include interactive elements like windows, perforations or labels. They have one objective, which is to focus the recipient’s attention and increase the memorability of the product and service. You can also use it to give out various types of promotional materials, such as brochures, catalogues, product samples or more creative forms (e.g. 3D cards and invitations). A self-mailer, which is basically a letter and an envelope in one, has become quite popular because of its cost-effectiveness.

Direct mailing, in addition to the classic letter, can take various spatial forms and include interactive elements like windows, perforations or labels. They have one objective, which is to focus the recipient’s attention and increase the memorability of the product and service.

Mailing campaign Step-by-step
Now, that we know what direct mailing is, it is time to have a look at how to plan a mailing campaign step by step – so that it brings expected results. The very first step comes down to defining the goals. For some, it will be an increase in product sales, for others it may be customer base extension. When you plan a mailing campaign, you should take a couple of factors into account, meaning its budget, territorial scope and target group. Also, the entire technical base should be prepared properly in case the campaign results meet or exceed expectations.

Mailing campaign – factors to consider
Defining the target group is a key factor. Therefore, one should be diligent addressing the direct mail pieces correctly to make sure vast majority reach the intended customer. Last but not least, consider personalization. Individualized pieces turn out to be much more effective than general messages. The advantage of direct mailing is the possibility of enticing the customer with small gifts. This allows you to make a good lasting impression and create a long-term relationship with the consumer. Finally, the mailing campaign should be reviewed with special focus on its effectiveness to see if and where there is room for improvement.

Advantages of direct mailing
Measurability of the effects is not the only advantage of mailing campaigns over other forms of marketing. Direct mailing allows you to build lasting relationships with the customer . A mailing campaign can be an element of a more complex marketing strategy, the aim of which is to establish interaction with the consumer by getting him to act. A mailing campaign gives you the opportunity to stand out from the competition with an unconventional form of communication (e.g. pop-up box) and induce customer engagement through the use of, for example, marketing scratch cards. Direct mailing allows you to personalize the content sent and, most importantly, affect all the senses of the consumer.

Direct mailing allows you to build lasting relationships with the customer . A mailing campaign can be an element of a more complex marketing strategy, the aim of which is to establish interaction with the consumer by getting them to act.

Mailing campaigns are used by companies that care deeply about creating and maintaining a coherent and powerful brand image. Direct mailing is used in various industries, e.g. beauty- affixing samples of products, or e-commerce – offering discount codes for regular customers. Traditional mailing campaigns complement online marketing. Creative, sensual and engaging marketing products is EDC Expert’s speciality. Check out our website for examples of mailing campaigns implemented so far. Do not forget about this form of advertising and brand building. There is a lot of power in direct marketing. Use it!