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Our ambition is to create a friendly work environment

We are convinced that only those who derive satisfaction from teamwork become more creative and fully committed to achieving the best results.

Since we put stable and sustainable growth first, EDC focuses on stable and sustainable professional and personal growth of every employee employed in it.


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  • We carry out international projects for major brands
  • We introduce innovations into business
  • We provide support for the e-commerce market by creating positive customer experiences
  • We are a team which will give you support in any situation

Our values

We cherish the uniqueness and honesty of the relationship with our clients, being open to new technologies and talented employees. We are driven by the need for development, continuous improvement and looking for new challenges.


We care about our employees so we motivate them and evolve to be a better place to work. We are constantly expanding and improving the portfolio of employee benefits to promote health, quality lifestyle and ecological initiatives and encourage our employees to pursue their passions.


We focus on the development of employees' competences through transparent internal communication, systematic training in the field of specialist knowledge and social skills. The best use of the creative potential of our employees is the key to our success.

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