EDC Expert as an exhibitor at the eCommerce Fair!

The eCommerce Fair is the largest event for online sellers in Central Europe dedicated to businesses interested in e-commerce issues and start-ups.

On 20.10.2021 The Warsaw Expo XXI Center was teeming with life. There were a lot of visitors interested in purchasing solutions, fulfillment, shopping platforms, the use of social media potential for e-commerce and business software. During the event, we had the pleasure of talking with representatives of the e-commerce market not only from Poland but also from other European countries, including Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The event turned out to be very fruitful for EDC!

We had the opportunity to present our comprehensive competences. Staring with our stand, which embodied our creativity and ingenuity and was created in accordance with our business promise – ecologically and zero waste. To clarify, 100% of our stand was assembled using materials and products that we have in our warehouses, Fulfillment and Production Departments. We used every inch of the exhibition space with eco-friendly packaging with an emphasis on the unboxing experience, direct mail and personalization. We drew attention to the idea of using the packaging to build a positive shopping experience as, in a way, it becomes a shop window. We focused on sensory aspects, including sound, aesthetics and design.

At the stand, there were also information materials about the company made especially for this particular event and samples of our work.

Visitors could help themselves to two-packs containing surprise gifts (a protective mask to promote proper pandemic habits and a packet of jelly beans loved by all, regardless the age, to help you relax and feel less distant) and direct mail pop-up box with QR codes directing to our landing pages (LP) dedicated to 4 sectors of e-commerce activity in EDC: Package slots, Unboxing experience, Logistics and Fulfillment, Shopping platform.

Materiały zostały opracowane, zaprojektowane w Agencji Marketingowej EDC i wyprodukowane na recyklingowym, ekologicznym surowcu.

The popularity and interest shown to the stand was not our only achievement. Vice President Bartek Brzozowski made his mark with his successful presentation on the consumer’s shopping experience and closing the shopping cart at the last stage of the sales process.

It was a real cracker that led to an explosion of inquiries!🧨🧨🧨

We wish to thank everyone who took part in the meeting with EDC. Great applause to edc.team for ingenuity, commitment and cooperation in this event.👏👏👏

Here are some photos!

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