Client: EDC Expert

Industry:  Marketing and Advertisement

Category: Directmail

Scope: Concept, graphic design

Date: 2016

A set of creative and engaging samples that present interesting paper communication ideas. All examples are interactive and involve movement and a surprise effect. Additionally, all of them can include personalized colour content, also in gold or clear.

Mailing 01.

Sleeve made of gray pigmented paper. DL sized letter printed in special gold and clear Xerox ink.

Mailing 02.

Selfmailer with a pop-up chair. Pop-up element can be modified to suit many different campaigns.

Mailing 03.

This directmail guaranties  an attractive presentation of numerical data. Very popular with the financial sector.

Mailing 04.

Mailing 05.

Mailing 06.

An example of a medium that allows for a lot of content, all fitted into a sleek cover with a clever opening. It is a great alternative to catalogues.

Mailing 07.

An engaging directmail with perforated shutters that conceal promotional codes, passwords, or other personalized information.