Communication strategy

As a marketing agency we set development directions and define tools that let our clients achieve a competition advantage on the market. When preparing a campaign we bet on understanding the needs and behaviour of our clients, and our long standing market presence and experience makes us pioneers of only tested and confirmed direct communication channels.

Graphic design

Creative graphic design is our fore. We understand perfectly the importance of well-thought-out and perfectly designed graphics. We have creative ideas for the creation of visual identity that let us achieve an effect of recognition and originality of our design.


We come up with strong slogans, accurate names and good copy. We write interesting articles, create content, edit folders and flyers. In a word, we effectively build a company’s image.

Personalized multi-channel campaigns

We integrate elements of direct communication: direct mail, pURL, personalized video, email, sms, know-how. We connect direct marketing tools into one independent and automated PINPOINT tool dedicated to B2B and B2C sectors. We adjust content and images to the needs of the client, eliminate unpromising contacts and reduce the cost of reaching clients. We locate clients, increase sales and cost effectiveness.

We create effective, well-thought-out loyalty programmes that take into account the specification of the client, company and product. Tailored programmes that appreciate clients build and pamper positive relations with selected clients.

We monitor the campaigns at every stage providing indispensable knowledge about clients’ activity (unique site visits, number of unique users, video runs, submitted forms). All campaign elements are measurable and determine marketing campaigns’ efficiency.