Digital and offset print

We fulfil orders with continuous and digital print. Digital print is obtained directly from electronic file. Directly printed sheets are ready for further processing, they do not require additional time to dry. This technology is recommended for small to medium print volumes.

On the contrary, offset print technology requires specially prepared matrices for transferring the image onto paper. We also have the possibility of using additional colours (pantones, metallic pantones). This print technology is recommended for higher volumes since the unit cost drops proportionally to volume increase

Our state of the art machine park enables us:

  • 10 colour print in one run
  • applying gum glue and hot carbon
  • online ink-jet personalization
  • mechanical numbering
  • perforating and micro perforating
  • die-cutting
  • enrichment
  • scratch-off production
  • in-line print and label

We print on different surfaces and a wide range of paper weights, offset papers, uncoated, coated, self-copy, thermal, self-adhesive with weights from 45 to 300 g/m2.



Inserting is performed with high volume inserting machines that handle continues and sheet paper. Over a dozen inserting systems guarantee a daily capacity of over 3 000 000 inserted items.

We employ state-of-the-art CMC, Kern and Pitney Bowles machines fitted with intelligent OMR and BCR readers. This allows us to insert varying amounts of sheets and matching of personalized documents which guarantees integrity of the package.

We insert in-line:

  • letters, personalized items, flyers, return envelopes
  • newsletters
  • brochures and folders

A state of the art multi-function machine park enables a fast and reliable inserting process.

Non-standard size or shape items are inserted manually.

Document personalization

The essence of direct marketing is delivering the massage directly to the interested receiver. The key to success is deep personalization possible thanks to an information-rich data base and an advanced print technology. The foundation of personalization is collecting and updating key information about clients. The more information about a client and company you posses, the more precise your message can be.

EDC personalizes daily over 6 000 000 documents.

We use state of the art IBM and Xerox for personalization. Thanks to state of the art technology and high quality maintenance the personalization process is fast and reliable.

We offer

  • laser personalization, inkjet for continuous and sheet paper
  • black and full colour personalization
  • simplex and duplex personalization
  • personalization of labels, scratch-offs, product coupons (print of bar codes, address data, bar codes, data matrices)
  • image personalization


Finishing and Fulfilment

We fold, insert, and include additional items, such as catalogues, brochures, key chains, magnets, desk calendars, DVDs, cards, etc.
Our manual fulfilment force handles any job not suitable for automated production.



We offer distribution of regular addressed mail, registered mail and registered mail with signed acknowledgement of receipt, marketing mail and PDC.

We have a dedicated Polish Post terminal within our premises. Distribution services can be fulfilled via private postal operators, international postal distributors, currieries and logistics providers.