Company correspondence management

We offer companies and institutions who would like to securely and effectively manage their mass correspondence within their organisation a comprehensive mass correspondence management. Thanks to a state-of-the-art and fully equipped information management centre we precisely tailor our services and products to our client’s needs and expectations.

All sensitive data processes in our company are performed under special supervision. We meet all information security management requirements, which is confirmed by EDC’s ISO/IEC 27001 certificate.


Our Mass Correspondence Management Centre offers:

Transactional print

Document mass printing is performed in black or colour, also in digital technology.
Mailings include all kinds of financial documents – transaction lists, invoices, contracts, settlements, account statements, dunning letters, specifications, etc.

Our equipment enables us to personalize 2 000 000 pages daily.

Transactional-marketing print

We take advantage of the free area of financial documents to incorporate marketing print into transactional print. We establish a direct dialog with the client applying transmarketing solutions. We make maximal use of every space in the financial document to arouse the client’s interest in a product or marketing service. We enrich mass transactional print with promotional and sales elements without raising the mail distribution cost.

Document personalization

We have print and personalization equipment with continuous and sheet technology. We have the possibility of simplex and duplex personalization in monochromatic and full colour print. Our machines are adapted to work with offset paper, coated paper, self copy paper, thermal paper, self adhesive paper with weights from 46 to 300 g/m2.

Non-standard items are personalized using the ink method – Ink-jet technology.

Distribution / postal fulfilment

We collaborate with various postal operators within Poland and on the international arena. Thanks to many years of experience we have practical knowledge about postal cost optimization, documentation and postal procedures.

EDC’s partnership with independent postal operator Speedmail gives us the possibility to provide a comprehensive direct mail campaign fulfilment including delivering the letter to the addressee.
Synergy lets us offer additional benefits:

  • security – distribution process control, possibility of mail status check and return and payments management
  • solution speed – we shorten to a minimum the correspondence delivery time by directly central sorting for each delivery zone at the time of production
  • cost reduction


A fast, comfortable and secure form of an electronic invoice, that lets you save time and money. The same information that you normally receive on paper will be delivered to your e-mail box.

Trust the specialists and bet on comprehensive service that includes hosting, distribution data base development and digital archiving. is an alternative to traditional correspondence.

EDC is the first company on the Polish market to introduce the innovative service. This service allows companies and individual persons to save time and money spent on daily correspondence. All letters sent via fulfil highest security and secrecy standards.

Uniqueness of the service is its comprehension which boils several stages of mail preparation down to one. encompasses the processes of correspondence creation, print, inserting and mailing in our own postal terminal located within the print house’s premises.

Clients pass on the correspondence in electronic form (from home, work, any place they have access to internet, computer or phone) to EDC which then takes care of all further steps of its creation necessary to mail and deliver it to the addressee. service saves not only time, but also money. For the price of a post stamp we print, insert and mail the client’s correspondence.
This service is dedicated to large financial and insurance institutions that use to send mass correspondence, MSP and private persons, who instead of printing and posting letters can post letters from home using EDC’c service.

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