Promotional mailing

Direct marketing

we design direct mail forms for individual dialogue with the consumer, taking care of the unique form, sensory experiences, design.

Classic direct mail

classic mailing sent in envelopes of any shape, containing a personalized letter and promotional materials such as leaflets, coupons, gifts.

Premium direct mail

made of high quality materials, refined, containing sensory elements, scratch cards, labels, sound and light modules.


a cost-effective advertising piece –a letter and an envelope in one.


a simple and, at the same time, effective way to present the product, especially when using decorative paper with texture.


small products made of paper that make the message more powerful and invite you to have fun building brand awareness and its image.

Unaddressed mailing

it opens up activities to new customer segments thanks to distribution at a specific time and a precise location.

BTL Advertisement

sales supporting materials - leaflets, folders, brochures, catalogues, posters that are part of a direct mail item or an independent campaign.

Sensory stimuli

Materials for the promotion of services and products stimulating the senses and making the customer feel attached to the brand on an emotional level

Online Store

Solutions for e-commerce

Purchasing platform

We offer full support in creating and launching an online store. We design the appearance of the platform, UX and UI, we provide complete platform software with the ability to integrate with external programs and tools. See

Transactional emails and surveys

We carry out transactional email and SMS notifications. We also create, send and analyse surveys on the quality of service, assessment of customer satisfaction with purchases, store functionality and order processing.

Fulfillment and Logistics

We help online stores in servicing the entire logistics chain, from the moment the goods are received from the supplier to their final delivery to the customer. Thanks to our services, the logistics of e-stores become simple and much cheaper for their owners. See

Unboxing experience

We provide unforgettable emotions and excitement from unpacking the product due to eco-friendly solutions, unique paper, personalized content, covers, scratch cards, labels, vouchers and samples. See

Packaging personalization

We delight the customer with dedicated messages and graphics, which brings them closer to the brand and builds positive associations, increases loyalty and elicits the need to share information with others.

Package slots

A brilliant carrier of emotions and an efficient marketing tool that prompts to make a purchase decision. They are created on the basis of variable data, analysis of shopping behaviour and observations. See

Transactional correspondence

We dynamically manage the flow of information
an alternative to traditional correspondence


The service includes the process of creating, printing, packaging and sending the correspondence in its own mail terminal located on the company's premises.

The price of the stamp

We print and deliver daily correspondence - letters, invoices, dunning letters - at the postage cost!

0 PLN investment

The deployment of the application is not only completely free, but also quick and easy to implement.

24/7 availability

The application is available 24 hours a day throughout the week, which allows you to send a traditional letter at any time of the day or night.

Functional archive

We offer a free archive, with access and the ability to find letters you sent.

No additional equipment

The application does not require the purchase of any printing equipment, paper, envelopes or consumables.

IT Development

IT Solutions

IT Development’s activity is focused on two areas: creating dedicated applications for generating personalized documents in transactional and promotional printing and supporting our clients in launching and running online platforms and loyalty programs.

Management panels

We create dedicated, multipurpose web panels for sending, sharing and handling electronic documents. They can combine many functionalities into one IT system.

Dynamic personalization

We adapt the content and images on the website, in printed and transactional materials to the interests of recipients, based on their web behaviour and activity.

Business Software

We design dedicated web applications for handling, distribution and archiving of electronic documents. Our applications contain combinations of different functionalities.

Online platforms

We design and implement online stores for B2B and B2C sales for businesses from various industries. Websites facilitate making a purchase decision, increase visibility in search engines and their mobility.


We design complementary consumer experiences, with special emphasis on the usefulness of solutions, personalization of needs, aesthetics of the project and emotions evoked by the contact with the brand.

We care about the nobility and uniqueness of our campaigns, focusing on trust and relations with the client. We create, design and implement projects online and in real life.

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    We help build a brand and consolidate its image by designing effective visual identification. We take care of the name, logo, advertising slogan and visual identification, persistently making sure they are all consistent.
  • 02

    Marketing Strategy

    We successfully bring out products to market and support sales by clearly defining activities in order to conduct business efficiently and maximize profit.
  • 03

    Graphic design

    We design promotional materials (direct mail, leaflets, folders, posters), websites, purchasing platforms and mobile applications. We create individual blanking dies for boxes, packaging and spatial forms of direct mail.
  • 04


    We create texts containing specific messages for marketing and advertising purposes. We create slogans and product names using tactful and clever wordplay.
  • 05

    Personalized video

    An attractive and innovative form of advertising that combines the image with variables from the database. We present personalized elements in the form of voice, text, illustration, image. We prepare personalized animations, videos, feature films, commercials with a script, voice-over and creative concept.
  • 06


    We create engaging and eye-catching websites designed in RWD technology, consistent with the brand image, compliant with SEO requirements and compatible with mobile applications.
  • 07

    Mock-up and testing

    We design dies, create mock-ups and prototypes of spatial, movable forms of direct mail and packaging, which allows us to eliminate errors and inconsistencies.