Projektowanie graficzne opakowań

Graphic design of packaging in EDC

Graphic design of packaging requires knowledge and experience. Creators are expected to take an unconventional and imaginative approach. The graphic design of the packaging must be well thought out, original and evoke good associations, not to mention, remembered for a long time by those who will come across it. At EDC Expert, we understand the role a perfectly prepared graphics and packaging design play. Thanks to the ingenuity of our creative department, the resulting packaging designs are offbeat and recognizable. We know that a well-thought-out packaging design is able to engage the senses and thus attract the attention of the consumer for a longer time.

Do you need an original graphic design of the packaging?

Packaging is an instrument of active sale. Properly designed, it can become an effective promotional tool. It is often seen as the company’s visiting card. For marketing purposes, not only is the message on the packaging important, but also the type of material used for its production (suited to a given market) and the shape of the packaging itself. Packaging design does not end with the selection of texture, graphics and content. Each carton, box, etc. is a carrier of informational content. It is necessary to take into account what message should reach the consumer and present it in a coherent form. Therefore,  individual elements should be chosen carefully so that when put together they create a unified entity.

Packaging – designing prestigious cases and containers

Packaging intended for premium customers must meet the highest standards. An exclusive, refined finish is essential when the packaging contains personalized advertising materials or is an occasional (e.g. Christmas) gift for demanding customers. While many companies wrongly focus solely on the contents, more informed entrepreneurs outsource packaging designs to professional companies. As a result, they receive neat, elegant products of high quality, professionally protected against possible damage and dirt.

Functional packaging – graphic design is not everything

Although the graphic design of the packaging plays a significant role, its reception is also influenced by other factors. Packaging designs should take into account their intended use. Even the most interesting graphics will be of no use if the packaging is not functional. The issue of production is equally important. It requires the right selection of the highest quality materials with adequate durability. In the production process itself, special attention should be paid to the finishing of the packaging. It is necessary to take into account both its purpose and adjusting the size and weight to its content.

Who has benefited from the graphic design of the packaging so far?

Graphic design of packaging has already been appreciated by many EDC Expert customers. Our services were used, among others, by a bank that sent credit cards in a prestigious case to customers of the premium group. In the automotive industry, packaging designed by EDC Expert was used to ship promotional materials. The graphic design of the packaging proved useful for a company that organized the shipment of Christmas gifts to its customers. EDC Expert knows how to make your product stand out by using unique colours, shapes and forms of packaging that go with their content perfectly and guarantee its appropriate protection.

Packaging design and direct marketing

EDC Expert is a leader in the field of direct marketing. We appreciate the role played by traditional, paper communication and use it to create original packaging designs for promotional items, advertising materials and season gifts. Many recipients hold the same esteem for a well-designed packaging and a good product. Many recipients pay great attention to the packaging, associating it with the quality of the product received. We adapt packaging designs to the nature of the industry, the company’s value, the products it offers and marketing objectives. We also take into account the preferences of recipients. We do everything to arouse their interest, evoke the best associations, be printed in their memory and encourage them to buy a product or service.

Soon a novelty in the EDC offer. Stay tuned for information! We are convinced that the new version of packaging and the technological possibilities that follow will definitely be of interest to your customers – especially those in the e-commerce sector.

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